'Bob Lynn “New Work”'

From Sunday, 31 May 2015 to Sunday, 28 June 2015

Born in Scotland in 1940, Bob Lynn studied art at the Edinburgh College of Art. Since then he has travelled, studied and worked in London and Poland. In the seventies he fell in love with Ireland and after years of commuting between London and the West of Ireland, he finally settled in Co. Wicklow permanently in 1980.

Wicklow has given him a rich store of subject matter, which he has drawn on for many years. His earlier paintings, although recognisable in the drawing aspect, showed the beginnings of his use of exaggerated colour. Strictly speaking his work inhabits a world somewhere between figuration and abstraction: objects and things are strongly suggested if not actually depicted. In his recent work colour is to the fore. Working in the typical Scottish 'colourist' tradition, he uses vibrant colours and broad brushstrokes and has a brilliant compositional sense to create stunning results.

Click on thumbnails to see a preview, and navigate through the pieces by clicking the left or right of each preview.