From Thursday, 30 August 2007 to Sunday, 16 December 2007

'Mistletoe' a Christmas group exhibition opened on Friday 30th August and ran until 16th December 2007. Featuring works by Philippa Bayliss, David Begley, Cathy Callan, Declan Cody, Caroline Couchman, Stuart Denyer, Lesley Fennell, Fergal Flanagan, Josephine Grant, Joanna Kidney, Maria Levinge, Bob Lynn, Pauline Macey, Alice Norton, Clody Norton, Clare Ormerod, Rose Rathdonnell, Harry Robertson, Moira Robertson, Sarah Rogers, Ruth Romney, Alison Rosse, Roy Shapira, Ema Staunton, Adrienne Symes, Sarah Symes and Patricia Wheeler.

Click on thumbnails to see a preview, and navigate through the pieces by clicking the left or right of each preview.